Emotion Analytics For Websites

Understand how your users feel simply from the way they interact with your website on a touch-screen device.

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Emotions We Track

Understand how your users feel one touch at a time


Users are hooked and deeply absorbed by your content.


Users are attentive but unimpacted by your content.


Users lose focus and feel the urge to move to the next content.


Users are nervous, hectic and skipping your content.

Non-creepy Emotion Recognition 2

Emaww is the first non-intrusive emotion AI that does not record users' face, eyes, or voice. We analyze only gestures to accurately detect emotions and understand user experience.

Easy to implement 3

We generate a code for you that you simply drop in the back-end of your website. Ta-da! Start seeing deep emotional insights to better understand and serve your users.

Highly accurate predictions 4

Our algorithm detects emotions with a high +95% accuracy. We are continuously collecting more data to further improve accuracy. We also published a study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.